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A gathering of like-minded people, guided through reflective work,
resulting in better feeling bodies & fuller more well-rounded lives.


Fearless: The Workshop

Fear, doubt, indecisiveness, anxiousness, frustration. These feelings often sabotage your joy, your dreams & the quality of your life. In this comfortable & insightful afternoon, participants will learn how to push past their fears & self-sabotaging beliefs.

Fear can sometimes overpower even your most trusted insights. 
Learn how to push past fear and move into a life of creation with trust, playfulness and love.

Fear less & free your mind.


Tea Provided.
Come in comfortable attire, writing tools recommended.
Participants receive an Exclusive Gold Minds Workbook.
Seating is Limited.


My Dream Life pt.1

What does the future of your life look like? How will you create it?
Learn how to use practical techniques to create the life you dream of. This inspirational workshop takes you on an explorative journey inward to discover how you can start feeling better everyday & create a life of lasting fulfillment.

Variations of meditations, lessons, intentional creation & writing
will be used throughout the workshop.

Coffee + Tea provided.
Nutritious snacks provided by Nourish Bakery + Kitchen
Participants receive an Exclusive Gold Minds Creating Workbook.
Come in comfortable attire, writing tools required.

Seating is Limited

Free Parking


My Mindfulness Project

Explore the foundations of Mindfulness. You will be guided through an evening of connection & self-exploration that will allow you to cultivate awareness, reduce anxiety, improve your mood, heart rate & state of mind. We can easily adapt a mindful approach to life when we are clear about our senses and how our senses can serve our entire life. You will learn how to make every activity of your life authentically enjoyable.


"Enjoy the little things, for one day you will look back
& realize that they were the big things"

-Robert Brault



Tea Provided.
Come in comfortable attire, writing tools recommended.
Participants receive an Exclusive Gold Minds Mindful Workbook.
Seating is Limited.

Free Parking


90's Beats + SOUL
 An R&B Moving Meditation Series 

A bass, beat, and soulful evening, using the power of movement to connect with inner stillness. Using R&B to connect with our hearts, bodies and souls.
This is a guided class that requires a yoga mat. No experience is required.
Let the music move you.

Space is limited. Registration recommended.
Registered participants receive a free Gold Minds Notebook!
Comfortable clothing, 
yoga mat, & notebook required.

Drop-In ($20) subject to availability.



The Power of Forgiveness & Letting Go

Forgiveness is a substantial tool that can be powerfully used in almost every aspect of our lives.
It has the ability to
transform your perspective and ultimately the quality of your entire life.
Have you ever been deeply hurt by the behaviour or actions of someone and no matter what you have tried, it seems that you are unable to leave it in the past?

In this workshop you will learn the fundamentals of Forgiveness. What needs to be learned & explored in order to 'forgive'. Forgiveness is the byproduct of understanding. You will be guided through meditations, writings, & lessons of example, that will help you move through your hurt by utilizing the power of forgiveness & letting go.


Tea Provided.
Come in comfortable attire, writing tools recommended.
Participants receive an
Exclusive Gold Minds Meditation Workbook & Incense package.

Seating is Limited.

A Mindful Meditation & Journaling Workshop


Creating  2017
Sunday January 8

2:00 - 4:15pm

Join us in a class of visualization, meditation, goal setting & creation.
You will be guided through 2 series of meditation followed by an inspiring lesson & thought provoking questions intended to help you design richer days & ultimately a more mindful & fulfilling year.


Seating is limited.
Tea Provided.
Participants receive a complimentary
Gold Minds Notebook & Meditation Bandana.

THE LOUNGE - Capitol Hill Community Association
1531 21 Avenue NW
Free Parking


Building a Ritual

Discover the power of implementing regular, daily action. A ritual can be creative & is most effective when it encompasses actions that are geared towards self-care & nourishment.

Participants will discover different ways of building a ritual & learn how to select details based on their senses. Build a ritual, build a foundation for daily inspiration, connection & creativity. 

Tea Provided. Come in comfortable attire, writing tools recommended.


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