Our goal at Gold Minds is to share tools to help you connect with your body, your mind & your life in a very real way. We want to help you bring about the changes you are seeking to make and our classes are designed with that purpose in mind.

Meditations are exceptionally effective when we can use it at any moment, for any reason. We teach you how to bring awareness into every aspect of your life including the seemingly trivial.

Every moment is an opportunity to connect with yourself, find gratitude, re-create and soothe discomfort, both physical & emotional.

Our meditations are not traditional in the sense where breath is the only thing we focus on. In fact, we focus on bringing our breath to our bodies, our thoughts, our dreams, and even our pain. 


No experience required.

MBB (mind - body - breath) 

Are you experiencing physical pain? Heartbreak? Emotional unrest? Insomnia? Anxiety? MBB Meditations are an effective way to connect with your body and relieve discomfort. You can bring the lessons from these classes anywhere and utilize them in any moment to find relief. This class is also an extremely effective tool in learning how to be present.


In this meditation, you will be guided to a place of imagination. Visualization helps us to connect with the power of feeling that are necessary to physically create the kind of life you want to experience. We must first be able to visualize and feel the sensations of the experience before we can begin to build it into our reality. This meditation class is very effective in getting you excited about your life & your future.

Mindful Movement

We spend most of our days moving. Learning how to bring your breath to every movement is one of the most effective ways to meditate. Many of us do not have time to sit in meditation every day. This class teaches you how to meditate (bring presence) into every activity you do resulting in a calm, productive and happy life. It involves movement but is not vigorous. The lessons learned can be brought anywhere and can change the quality of your life.


Learn how to use the powerful combination of your thoughts & voice to change the way you are feeling about yourself, and the current happenings of your life. We use "I AM" Mantras, a statement of already being/having,  in order to shift a negative mindset to a positive one, inevitably changing the outcome of your reality. This class provides tremendous relief for those who are experiencing physical challenges, low self-esteem, body image, anxiety, depression, and fear that surrounds making changes in their life.

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