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Reiki & Energy Alignment, Yoga Therapist, Meditation, Visualization & Mindfulness Guide + Law of the Cosmos Teacher, Intuitive by Sight, Sound & Knowing

Personal Well-being

& Awakening Support Services

to help the modern day doer move through life with clarity, creativity & trust.
All sessions are provided over FaceTime, Phone or WhatsApp!

I approach my work, as a whole, intuitively, but all of my teachings are deeply rooted

in the science of Energy, Attention and Focus. Spirituality is a Science. Energy, matter, light, sound, the elements, YOU, and so much more, they are all elements of both Science & Spirituality. The quality of your life mirrors the strength of your mind-body connection (intuition), on every level, from the quality of your sleep to the quality of your work-life, relationships, happiness and even your freedom.


All of my work is centred around forms and variations of mindfulness that teach you what to focus on and how to focus on it effectively, in order to cultivate a harmonic mind-body energy that will align you with the Health + Lifestyle that you say you want. 

My goal is to teach and guide you how to strengthen your mind-body health, connect you with your innate intuition and how to utilize its intelligence to navigate every area of your life.

All of my sessions and offerings utilize and embody insights and teachings from my experience and education in meditation, breath work, yoga practice, yoga philosophy, Ayurveda - the science of food and body, the law of attraction and manifestation, the law of cause and effect (karma), the law of allowance and surrender and a respectfully honed intuition.


- Anxiety, Insomnia and Depression
- Actualizing Life Purpose
- Healing Health and Body Imbalances & Discomforts
- Reducing & Recovering From Chronic Pain

- Manifesting & Actualizing Intention

- Understanding Internal & External Darkness & Trauma
- Healing Deep Emotional Trauma
- Deepening Meditation Practice to Heal & Create
and more



Review the established support services listed. Purchase your service and book your appointment time below.

All sessions are provided over FaceTime, Phone or WhatsApp.

22 Day Ritual Reset

Get Into Alignment


If you are experiencing a significant energetic change that seems increasingly challenging to handle on your own, a new Ritual might be the cleanse you need to help you Reset + Heal.


Beginning with a 40 minute talk-session we dive deep into your life and what you are experiencing and a Custom Ritual Reset is built for you.

This R+R includes everything from food, sleep, home shifts & chores, personal and spiritual assignments, readings, self care, meditations, yoga, movement practice and SO much more.
Your custom Ritual Reset arrives in PDF format to your inbox no later than two business days after your session.

22 Day Ritual Reset:  $120

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Card + Intuitve Readings

With each reading, I first practice a Meditation that allows me to finely tune into you and your energy. I can describe your energy to be both the field of unseen information that embodies you as well as the inner fields or pockets of energy carried within you. My specific intuitive reading is the "Sight of Potential". I can particularly see your gifts, paths, purpose, life-lessons, and your truest potential. It is important to note that even though this is my main Sight, every persons reading varies and every Sight is different. I use this channel to transcend information that surrounds you, that you may not see, hear or know. 
I often use Oracle Cards in Readings, particularly for those who ask for them, or when I feel called to use them for deepened Sight. 


I appreciate the specialness of having a reading face to face using FaceTime but choosing Written form does not alter the quality of your reading.

Please note that there's often a longer wait time for FaceTime Readings.
Written Readings are sent via e-mail 48-72hrs after purchase.
Click the



30 Minute Intuit Reading 




Card Spread | Intuit Reading
Full Write Up


Coaching Sessions

1 on 1, Intuitive Coaching


This intuitive coaching session is designed to help guide you to the answers and understanding that you seek. In each session you are given tools to help you move through your current discomfort or challenge. If you're interested in something a little different from traditional counselling or coaching, this might be the session for you. 

Pay What You Can
$45   |  $55   |   $65


Strategy Maps are available after each session  (optional)  to help you better define a route to achieve your mental, physical and emotional well-being. Strategy Maps are sent via e-mail 24-48 hours after your session.

Strategy Map:  $40

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